About me

If you're new to this space, welcome to my blog. And holla if you've been following me for awhile now! My name is Nuria, a Chinese girl born and living in Spain, with dreams of living in New York city. I am actually a content creator on youtube, I started making videos about beauty and fashion when I was 12 in 2014. Don't get me wrong, I love speaking to a camera and edit the footages as if it was a movie, but I also love to write in my journal, and from now on, this blog will be my diary, and you are coming along with me on this journey.

This blog is not only going to be centered in beauty and fashion but also a space where you can get advice from me, so if you want any advice from a teenage girl, make sure to contact me or hit me up on my social media (always linked in the footer!)
Traveling is also one of my favorite things to do, even though I haven't been in that many places, I am planning so many future travels, and would love to record those moments and share it with you all.

Thanks for stopping by and you are always welcomed again to my little internet journal.

Au revoir!!


  1. When is ur birthday ? I feel like we’re the same age

  2. Can I ask how tall you are? I've been curious about it ever since I subscribed to you./^^/

    1. In her assumptions video she said she was 166cm

  3. Hi Nuriaa♡
    I came across your youtube channel in 2014 and i'm a fan ever since.I love you so much and i am really happy i came across your blog. And the fun fact is we're the same age which is pretty cool. I guess maybe that's one of the reason which makes me like you even more. You are such an inspiration to all the young girls like us.You are so pretty. And it makes me so happy to see how far you've come.♡0♡

  4. hey! I have always been soo inspired by work and I too want to start a youtube channel but I am a little ....i wouldn't say scared but i'm not very sure if it will workout for me you know with school and other responsibilities how will i ever make time also i'm not very confident of myself but i really want to do this.Please help!

  5. hey nuria! i've been a fan of your youtube channel since the first time i watched your first video.. and i wanna say thank you for sharing your creativity.. i've been meaning to ask you about this blog i want to make my own personal blog but i don't know how and would love to have this theme like yours..cos it's aesthetically pleasing. i hope you hear me out! and plus i've always wanted to start a youtube channel but i still don't have the confidence.. what would be your advice? ♡

  6. Nuria I am your fan i am in the same age with you of course i am watching your videos and i want to take advice coul you take video how to be slim

  7. Love you Nuria!

  8. really love this blog and as well as your vlogs on youtube <3 you are such a fashion icon and an inspiration to me. have a nice day xx