As our Christmas present, my mother, sister and I traveled to Prague during winter break, also the first week of 2019. We were told that it is a winter wonderland and also very cold, which we both witnessed once we got there. 

Our trip was very short, two full days and two traveling days, therefore, we weren't able to see everything in the city. In addition, daylight was very short and the weather was VERY cold which made it even harder for us to make the most out of our stay.

Despite that, we still enjoyed every second being in Prague, let me show you through some pictures my sister took using our camera. (Canon 70D)

I was lucky enough to stay for free at the Suite Home Prague Hotel. Our suite was a two bedroom, one bathroom + kitchen style. Overall, it was very spacious and the staff was extremely sweet to us. 
For our first day in Prague, we first visited the Castle as we were told that it is recommended to visit early in the morning. 
Unfortunately, we didn't buy tickets to go inside the castle because they were a bit pricey, so we just wandered around and took some pictures outside the buildings.
Then we walked down the Old Castle Stairs, visited the St. Nicholas Church, had lunch at U Magistra Kelly and went in search for the Lennon Wall. Instead of taking the typical picture with the wall, we went inside the garden which was very photogenic.
After the photo shoot, we walk through the famous Charles Bridge. It was packed with people but it was still beautiful.
The other side of the bridge brings the Old Town of Prague. It is honestly SO beautiful, pictures cannot really make its justice, to be honest.

Yesterday night we had dinner at CafĂ© Louvre, and we loved it so much that we decided to try out their breakfast the next morning. 
Highly recommend ordering their Cafe Viennois and eating their bread with butter. I wish I had more mornings in Prague so I could try out every single item they offered.

When we finished breakfast, it started snowing a lot which left the city very beautiful.
Our plan of the day was to visit the Dancing House. So after a feast, we decided to walk there down the river, where we also got to admire the amazing architecture of Prague.

By lunchtime, we were all extremely tired and cold, so we finished off the day with a tour of the Jewish Quarter and grabbed a coffee at the Cafe Imperial.
Thank you for reading, Nuria.


  1. the sceneries in prague look so beautiful. you make the pictures look much pretty nuria.

  2. So creative! I love your video’s so much! You inspired me a lot thank you Nuria!❤️

  3. These photos from Prague are wonderful! I'm glad you had warm clothes for outside. I like the knit hats and big scarves. The Suite Home Prague Hotel looks like a very nice place to stay.
    You look very pretty in all of these photos.
    Best wishes for a very happy year 2019!

  4. why there no recent post here ? :'(
    i really love ur blog nuria ! , please make up !

  5. omg who took your photos, it all looked so amazing. I never even knew you had a blog i just happened to stumble upon it. so glad I did!

  6. Who's seeing this in 2020��i love you and your videos NURIA...looks like you had a great time