Paris Dreaming


I just got back from Paris and cannot be more grateful than I am right now. It was a family trip and we spent 4 days 3 nights in this magical city. 

This isn't my first time going, but I am so glad I went back and am willing to go back soon. Everyone in the city dresses so well and whenever I see people wearing berets makes me wanna buy them in every single color and print. (I actually lost my beret three times but managed to find it, thank god)

Sooooooo let's start the summary of my journey:
The first place we visited was the Arc de Triomphe, it was really really really cold because it was really really really early when we went there, it was so early that we didn't get a chance to get on the top.
arc de triomphe

After attempting to take pictures in the middle of the road, we decided to walk to the Eiffel Tower. Walking around in Paris was my favorite thing ever because there was so many bakeries and cafes, and the smell of croissant was all over the street. Despite the fact that I wanted to eat croissants all the time even when I was too full, peaking through the window and watching the beautiful bakeries was pretty awesome. 

When we got to the Eiffel Tower, we decided not to go up there cause it was too foggy, we walked around the area and contemplated the amazing views.

and here is my attempt on the basic touristic picture (lol my face)
After the visit of the Eiffel Tower, we went to see the arts by Rodin in the Rodin Musem, I didn't take that many pictures cause I was too attracted to the figures, all the photos I took are on my Instagram @nuriamaa

The last place we went is the Jardin de Tulliers and the Louvre, and man my feets got really messed up after the visit. But I loved to watch the sunset in the Jardin de Tulliers among the birds and ducks in there. 
Jacket from Mango
Sweater from Zara
Jeans from Tommy

So that's a wrap on day 1, moving on to day 2, the first place we went was Notre Dame, we also decided to walk there from our hotel room, and as we walked we took way many pictures of the Seine river. 

Notre Dame was amazing, I was too amazed by the interior of it. I actually cleared my mind when I sat down among the crowd and realized of many things.

Here are the views from the top of Notre Dame
Afterwards we were all too tired to visit more places so we decided to have dinner at a fancy restaurant and called it a day.
Jacket from Mango
Shirt from Zara
Jeans from Pull & Bear
Scarf from & other stories
Purse from Forever 21

And finally, the last day in Paris. It was actually quite hard for me to leave the city, just 
because I felt so right and so comfortable in there.
We took the subway to go to the airport, the reason to that is because it was free so we thought that it was a better idea than taking a cab. But before leaving I took some last pics in my second home.
I was quite sleepy and tired so ignore my appearance. 

Jacket from Zara
Shirt from Zara
Jeans from Mango
Purse from Furla

If you get a chance to visit Paris, make sure to eat tons of croissant and crepes, I swear to y'all that those are the best things ever.

au revoir,


  1. It's a beautiful city and the croissants there are awesome!!! The photos are wonderful, love it ❤️

  2. It proved to be Very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commentators here!