Colourpop Lipsticks Review


I have recently made two orders from Colourpop, enjoying free shipping by spending more than 50$, and here are my honest thoughts on the lipsticks. 

Ultra Matte Lips

Starting off with the Ultra Matte Lips, people say that they are very flakey  but I feel like if you pre-moisturize your lips, there are no problems with the matte lipsticks being too dry or flakey. The lipsticks are pretty hard to apply, so is recommended to use a lipliner first. The product is very long lasting, although it gets drier through out the day. Also, there are no needs of applying two layers due to is pigmentation.
From left to right: Notion, Tulle, MaMa, Love Bug.

The only down side of these lipsticks, is that the colors aren't true to the bottle or the swatches from the website, so either it is darker or lighter than the bottle.
Notion is definitely darker, it is more on the purple side other than burgundy.
Tullie is way darker than the bottle, it is almost like Notion but maybe a lighter shade.
MaMa isn't a burnt orange as described on the website, it is more of a bright orange shade.
Lastly Love Bug is just a deep red with orange/warm undertones.

Ultra Satin Lips

The Ultra Satin Lips have a semi matte finish, but the disadvantage of it is that it never really dries fully, in other words, the lipstick moves a lot and can be smudged easily. It is very moisturizing so there are no problems of it to be too flakey. The colors are very close to the bottle.
The color Dohee is currently discontinued, it is originally from the Jenn Im collection. To be honest, I don't like this color at all. It is one of the most difficult lipsticks to apply, plus the color is too bright (the picture isn't the exact shade), it can be described as a very very very very light shade of MaMa.
As for Calypso, it is one of my personal favorites, it is very close to my lips shade, but darker. The product is hard to apply, but blending with fingers makes it easier. (the swatch on the photo is not exact) The color is definitely true to the bottle.

Ultra Glossy Lips

Colourpop has done a great job on the lip glosses  not only they are very affordable, but also the shine and colors are beautiful.
From left to right: Fairy Floss, Tarot

Fairy Floss is a sheer nude lip gloss, it has no sparkles in it. It is perfect to apply over any lipstick.
Tarot is a bright red lip gloss, it is hard to apply but blending with fingers makes it easier.

The only down side of the these lip glosses is that they are not long lasting at all, you might have to re-apply through out the day.

In conclusion, I think that it is worth trying them out, the price of them are 6$, which is very rare on good quality lipsticks, and also, in case you didn't know, they are made in the same factory of the Kylie Lipkits, so they are basically a dupe on them. So if any of you end up buying them, make sure to let me know if this post was helpful for you :)

xx, Nuria Ma


  1. The thing with Colourpop lippies is they easily get removed when or after eating, especially the matte ones. Try NYX, I use that brand and I like their soft matte lippies. They are pretty cheap too.

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