2016-2017 Winter Fashion Trends


Whenever I see a blogger or celebrity rocking this year's clothing trends, I always turn to myself and ask, can you pull this off?
Well, here are some of the answers I got from all the headaches.

Oversized Hoodies

I never thought that the trend 'oversized' would be such a huge thing this year, but thanks to Vetements, every blogger has more than one of the oversized hoodies in their wardrobe.  In the fall seasons, hoodies are an essential clothing item, they are warm and comfortable to wear. 
If you have a too girly coat and want to have an edgier bad girl look, try to style it with an oversized hoodie inside.

Just a little tip: when buying a hoodie, try to buy one with a thicker texture, also, don't be lazy and get out of your house and try them in a store!!

Where to buy?:

taste of low classic(Korean) 100€ aprox.

Stirrup Trousers

I think it is more suitable to call stirrup trousers as pedal pants, you would probably think, what?! is it not a Kimiko that we wore when we were younger? Well, the truth is yep, it is. At first glance is indeed a Kimiko, but because pedal pants are made to be worn under your feet, it makes your legs appear longer and straighter. If you want some long and nice legs, don't miss out pedal pants or stirrup trousers, however you want to call it.
If you want to have a more low-key look, try to style them with white wedges, or stepping them under your heels. 

Where to buy?



In this very sudden cooling weather, it is not suitable for too much advocating the so-called hip ankle. This is a fashionable law, but if you live in the south, or some party animal, this single product is still worthy of reference. When people hear the nets socks their first reaction is very tacky or very cheap, however, this year's status of the net socks have some variables! 
If you want to match up with a little ingenuity, but do not want to feel too out there, so that no one wants to talk to you, you can use the net socks to match some retro or boyish single-product, there is a little contrast effect will be very different.

Show a small amount of fishnet to prevent freezing and giving a too wild vibe.

Where to buy?

If you want to buy fishnet tights for an affordable price, their's tons in costume shops or on amazon, or even your local intimidate clothing store :)

Remember, always steer fashion, don't be steered by fashion.
Sometimes, these not understood fashion pieces, in fact, are not all inexplicably designed, they are just often not worn in a right way.

In conclusion, always wear what you want, what other's don't understand isn't important, but until you don't find the right way to style these challenging clothing items, come to me or just google it :)

au revoir, xx!


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